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"Master, I…think it’s time for your nap. You look more pale than usual. Let me tuck you in bed now."

"Kimimaro, either I see that christmas thong or I shall set your hair on fire."

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[sobbing loudly]

*drinks the tears*

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[cries into a corner because he’s being bullied over his hair]

"I always thought it looked nice…"

"A woman’s pubic hair. Time for fashion. We need a head as smooth as your perky buttcheeks."

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sassyorochimaru: "Tenten, my dear, if you want more screen time, I'd suggest dying a few times. Always worked for me."


"What, no! I’m not going to die! I’ve worked to damn hard for that. Besides were making another season of SD, so we each get more screentime."

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teme-kun: Sasuke flinched and went over to the man, grimacing. "What?" [//Rin... he touches Sasuke and I'll smite him too]

Ah, so close. It was so fun to tease himself…Close yet untouchable…for now. Orochimaru lifted his own hand, biting his thumb until it bled. “Let’s teach you how to summon, hm?”

//Omg dont worry that orosasu shit is all for show i get creepy shivers when i think of it oro is just a tease and a perv

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avarus-lienosus-deactivated2013: pfft kuzu is scared of oro's tongue and thinks he's creepy xD

good send him over orochimaru wants to wrap that thang around ol’ stitches 

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Anonymous: " Sadly I was order to look in on something."She sighs lowing her head." Hey their are thing i much rather being doing - like watching a Angel sleep on his porch."

"A spy, hm? And you puzzle me with your words, cat. An angel? I am perfect, but even I would not describe myself as such…"


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teme-kun: The boy grunted. "I suppose so." [//I swear Rin I will smite you]

"Good, my dear." Orochimaru beckoned to his prize. "This will be the first of many lessons…"


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Anonymous: " I apologies but I didn't come here for you to sing to me."

"What did you come for then?"

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teme-kun: An adamant frown escaped his lips. "Don't be stupid, I can't go to my Aniki so easily, you know that."

"Your aniki." Orochimaru sneered slightly. "Well then I suppose you’ll have to play by my rules, yes?" 

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